I’ve been bitten…



So, for many years now I’ve listened to my mother tell stories of the time she went on a working abroad program to New Zealand. Now to listen to my mother tell a story is quite the experience. She definitely got her public speaking skills from my grandmother. Needless to say the stories are entertaining, fascinating, a bit long-winded but all the same make for a great time to sit down and imagine about what it would be like to go on similar adventures.

Conveniently, the same program my mother travelled on still exists. It is known far and wide (mostly by rural kids) as the Agriventure Placement program. Thank-you 4-H for letting me know about this awesome opportunity!

Now to tell you about the exciting part……wait for it…..

Okay, I don’t know if anyone will be equally as excited as myself but I decided last year to travel to New Zealand on the same program as my mother! Woohoo!

Currently, I am working hard to save up some cash for the trip and am slowly but surely filling out the rather tediously detailed application form. The  most difficult part right now is trying to refrain from buying all the pretty things I see and stay true to my goal of going to kiwi country! I do hope that I can maybe work on a family friend’s vineyard/winery/restaurant in the country. Triple threat yo!

Yes, I have family and a boyfriend here in good ol’ Alberta but heck! I’m young! and there is plenty of time to stay in one place after cavorting across the globe which is what I plan to do for a good portion of my life. Luckily, I have an amazing man who wants us to travel together! Long distance relationships SUCK! So yay for having an adventure partner!

To wrap all this exciting package of news up, my friend Nathalie just sent me a link to a blog run by a young woman who travels all over the world and has just announced she is going to New Zealand! I believe in sharing the love so check her blog out!

Young Adventures

Last but not least I want to let everyone know that I appreciate the time anyone takes to read my blog and follow along on my journey. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to go on your own trips, gallivants or walkabouts!

Stay classy,



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  1. Thanks for the comment Kirsten! Young and free to romp about the world is the way to do it! While our bodies still accept sleeping on the ground, floor, in a tree or sitting up on a bus! haha

  2. Woohoo, Erin. So glad that you are committed to doing this before settling down. Of course, you can still travel later in life but much easier if you aren’t tied to a home and family. Love that the guy in your life is thinking along the same lines. Good luck, and remember, styles change so no need to be buying everything in sight. Love, AC

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