Rainbow March


OH Pride Day!

A time when the most popular colour is rainbow and dancing in the streets while scantily clad is encouraged during the day. I have many friends who are loud and proud about their sexuality and I can honestly say they are the most amazing friends I have the pleasure of knowing.

This year was my first year of actually seeing the Pride Parade in Edmonton and it was awesome! Companies from all over the city had pride floats in the procession. Holy crikey I am using quite a lot of alliterations. Anyways, the best float I saw was a group of lovely ladies dressed up in beaver and lumberjack costumes. The ideas for floats were clever and looked like so much fun! Whether LGBTQ or straight but supporting the pride of being free to express, tons of people were out and about to celebrate.

Coincidentally, the Pride parade happened on the same day as the downtown Farmer’s Market so good food mixed with high energy celebrating made for a wonderful day!

I even got to see my friends walk in the parade! They were the Inqueeries group and they were cheering loud! Hopefully next year I can walk in the parade with them.

Happy Pride Day!


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