Black Garlic..Say What?!

Its sweet, savoury and DOES NOT give you bad breath!

Welcome to the world of Black Garlic!

Whilst on a gallivant to the local Farmer’s Market in downtown Edmonton, my boyfriend and I happened upon a man selling what I at first thought looked like rotten garlic. But wait! Who would sell rotten garlic. Investigate further and discover the process of garlic fermentation.

Lions, tigers and bears oh my!

Such an odd concept of deliciousness could only be found at a circus, a circus of local food goodness!

So now here’s the scoop: Black garlic is freaking tasty as heck! Forget anything you have experienced with fresh garlic. Bad breath, bitter taste, funky odour. I say nay! Black garlic is honestly like candy. The BEST part about it is the health benefits. This tiny powerhouse of flavour is actually right on up there with blueberries as one of the best natural antioxidants you can eat.

So the next time you’re out an about looking for a tasty treat that’s not so normal try black garlic. If you hate it…well you’re just weird haha and if you love it…you’re welcome!

For any local Edmontonians looking to visit the same vendor who carries black garlic at the downtown market, click on the title of my blog or look up Garlic Purity Plus.

Stay classy,



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