This one time at camp


So, part of my job working with the 4-H Magazine is I have to go out and take photos at all of the provincial programming we have in the summer. Let me rephrase that. I have the esteemed privilege to be paid to go out to wonderful summer camps where kids will ask to play soccer, basketball, volleyball and drip-drip-drop with the Summer staff for hours on end.

Now 4-H in its own right is a fantastic organization. Yes, members have to fill out record books, attend meetings and participate in a project all year, which seems boring at times and fun at other times, but it is sooooo worth it!

Summer camps. The epitome of an awesome 4-H experience. Camps for every age group and a week of being told to head outside to go have FUN! Parents send their kids off to camp and they come back energized (or tired depending on how late those rascals stayed up chatting in their bunk rooms) after having made tons of new friends and eating delicious homemade meals.

I decided to blog about this after researching cool camp quotes. Thanks Pinterest for making me miss the good ol’ days of going to camp! However, like I said I get to go back and take pictures, interview the kids, listen to some great presenters and eat some great down home cooking.

If you have kids SEND THEM TO CAMP! You won’t regret the money spent, the time away from your children or the endless stories they have to tell you. The experience a kid has at camp is priceless. Honestly, some of my greatest friends are former 4-H campers just like myself.

Plus, we got to learn how to canoe, climb ropes, use compasses, make crafts and learn to maybe not eat that berry on a rather suspicious looking bush. Also, we totally knew how to shoot a bow and arrow at the archery range waaaayyyyy before Katniss Everdeen!

So, yay for camps! All the camps! All over the world! I hope everyone sends their kids to camp at least once so that they can make new friends, learn some cool stuff and have a blast just being a kid.

Stay classy,



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