The wonderful world of food


Alright, here we go!

I have the most fantastic man in the world. Now I could go on about the many aspects, characteristics, acts of being amazing that Mike does, but right now I want to talk about our mutual love of food.

We cook ALL the time! I thought it was hard without a dishwasher before when I was living on my own. Doing dishes quite often all by hand. Those days are nothing compared to the amount of dishes used by the both of us to make fantastic food creations. We have a dishwasher and boy does it get used but we still just have a perpetual cycle of dishes piling up. Just to clarify, I am not complaining. I will wash dishes until I have wrinkly old woman hands just to be able to eat everything Mike and I make. Okay, he cooks way more than I do but he’s super talented and just knows so much since his profession is being a cook.

I always make the joke that he’s making me fat. However, I’m still a sprightly young woman so yay for metabolism! I do have one confession. I have an inner fat kid. This kid shows up rather frequently and so I have dubbed this desire to consume delicious food, Stanley.

That was just a random fact. Onto more pressing information.

Since Mike and I create yummy dishes together I’ll be blogging about it! Tada!

So recently Mike made cabbage rolls, some kind of cabbage soup, braised duck with potato slices cooked in duck fat and a variety of delicious salads in the last few weeks. I have baked apple pie, tarts and espresso shortbread cookies. Oh and Mike made me THE MOST EPIC birthday cake which I will probably have to find a picture of just to show off to the world.

Expect me to post recipes and pictures on here and check out my instagram feed for instant updates on what we make.

Hooray for loving food together!

Stay classy,



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