To the Farmer’s Market We GO!


This past Saturday, Mike and I adventured to the Strathcona Farmer’s Market up by Whyte ave. Now to say we are kids in a candy store would be an understatement. Usually I’m the one holding back saying we shouldn’t spend a lot but holy cow this market was crazy!

One guy was running a cheese booth and there was this two-and-a-half year-old aged gouda called the Grizzly he had us try. I just handed him $20 and took the cheese. No convincing necessary! Boy oh boy did we have quite a lot of fun perusing up and down the market aisles. Mike and I like to go to a farmer’s market every saturday and this was the first time going together to this market. The photo you see below is most of what we bought at the market. I do admit I took awhile to take the photo and we’ve already dug into some of our goodies. We even made a pact to not eat the artisan chocolates we bought without each other. You try staring down a balsamic & strawberry chocolate delight and see if you don’t drool! Both of our inner fat kids would wreak havoc without anyone to watch.

Anyways, here’s the list of what we bought:

~flavoured honey sticks

~yellow, orange and red tomatoes (we always get these)

~gala apples (my all-time favourite! so obviously a staple in our house)

~artisan chocolates

~fancy mustard with flavours of tequila & line. good ol’ honey and sweet banana pepper

~pickerel fillets

~aged gouda cheese

~herb havarti cheese

~feta cheese

~pickerel fillets

~chicken sausage

~lemon & basil pesto

~sundried tomato olives

~homemade pasta

~regular white pitas

I think that’s it! Expect more food porn to dream about! I hope I tempted anyone who reads this to go check out the local farmer’s market in your area! I have not been disappointed thus far.


Stay classy.



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