Modern Home Maker


Hello, my name is Erin and my secret identity could either be Batman (always a possibility) or Suzy Home Maker (I have an inner mom/girly/all things pretty for the home crazy person living inside me). I believe I have a problem with loving all the pretty things for kitchens, bedrooms, etc.

Actually it is more of a leisurely activity rather than a problem but I still think the intro is quite clever so I’m stickin’ with it!

Upon sending a friend the umpteenth link to a great deals site for top quality brands of home ware, she pointed out my dreams of making a fantastic home. I say fantastic because of course I would pick something cool and timeless that could go through the ages and stay in style. I say this with confidence because:

1. I’m frugal as they come. Being part Irish and mostly ginger I attribute this to the fact that potatoes were once in short supply. Such a tragedy which I think the need for frugality stemmed from. Pointless rant/explanation complete.

2. If I buy something, I want it to last because of point numero uno and high quality usually guarantees a lifespan of more than a month.

3. My mom and dad have definitely influenced my sense of style, organization and whatever else parent’s do. Which is generally not too weird or crazy such as shag carpets. Never had one. Never want to. Thanks!

The reason for this post…hmmm…oh yes! To say I will start blogging about the cool things acquired during my online/mall/random shopping moments whenever I’m struck by the idea for something useful, cool and worthy of showing the world.

Stay classy,



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