Happy Friday Folks


Oh hello there! Fancy meeting you here on this magnificent last day of the work week. Since this is such a good day for me (just because I drank 3 cups of tea already) I thought sharing the positivity would do some good. Here’s where to go to keep the happy ball rolling.

To feel the positivity from an awesome blogger lady with cute baby pictures and other smile moments.

For a profound outlook on life.

I think the world needs more of….

Sing out loud and proud!

Everyone should have a brain break now and then.

All the pretty places.

Having a movie night but not wanting to go out?

Music and dancing can break a lot of barriers.

Speaking of dancing! Looking for some comedy?

With Fall on the doorstep, stay cozy!

Last but not least, remember to smile.

**As a sidenote: I know my posts don’t always correlate with one another. Sometimes they are simple rants and ramblings of a person trying to discover their niche, and other times I go on about the amazing food Mike and I make. However, I then realize I never want to be defined by one minute aspect of my life. Why? Because I live to discover new things. I love experiencing something I have never heard of. I enjoy the thought of the unknown. I am not satisfied with my life entirely because if I was…would there be any reason to go on searching for the new and exciting? Nope. I think not.

So get up off your couch. Wait in anticipation for the final hour of the work day. And run (or causally stroll) outside with determination and a child-like curiosity when looking at our world. Appreciate this life. This is the only planet and existence we have.


Stay classy,



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