Fall 2013 4-H Alberta Magazine

That’s right people! I work for the 4-H Alberta Magazine!

We publish four times a year on all the happenings of 4-H. This summer I had the chance to travel all over the province taking photos and interviewing some really cool 4-H clubs, members and leaders. I worked along a very talented lady by the name of Nathalie Batres. She’s currently in Spain for 9 months and loving it! I hope she eventually comes back haha

I am so proud to present the Fall 2013 issue of the magazine. We worked long and hard to make it happen along with our editor/supervisor Jalisa Barnett, to make it happen. Lots of extra hours in the office and driving out to programs were seen throughout the summer. It was sooooo worth it!

I believe, if my math skills are firing on all cylinders, that I have seven articles in the publication. Please feel free to correct me. This is the coolest career experience I have had yet! Albeit, I am only 21, but it is still pretty darn awesome!

So, take a read. Enjoy 🙂


Stay classy,



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