And I would walk 500 miles…


Hello…welcome to the humble abode of my mind…it is not very well censored…and sometimes is broken up with rare moments of profound genius that hopefully I post; because how many people are actually willing to share their ideas and thoughts without fear of criticism? Yes I am aware that sentence was outrageously long.

I’m not quite sure where I’m supposed to go in life. (Or what this post is about for that matter)

I’ve got a  job that challenges me to think and innovate. Actually I have two jobs because I am just that hardcore and like to eat good food which requires more money.

I have a wonderful boyfriend who tolerates my childish ‘I just need to sleep’ moods and random moments of falling asleep as soon as I find something relatively comfy to put my head on. Believe me people, I can make a table seem like a plush king-sized bed in my mind if I’m tired enough and need to catch a few zzz’s. I wake up after an hour nap to find things like home made fried chicken with truffle bacon cream corn and roasted potatoes ready to eat! Yep, he’s awesome.

My family is amazing to the point that I know I am a very lucky lady to have such a strong connection with my siblings and parents.

And my friends. Oh my friends! I show my face on occasion; usually for one-on-one coffee dates and the odd social event, but I don’t go out nearly as much as when I had my ‘wild days’ of university living. Let’s face it: I’ve settled down. Not as in I’m settling down for good, but in the way that I don’t need to party like a rock star every time I am out with friends. Sometimes I think to myself that I am reverting back to the young bookworm who would come home from school and read for hours on end. I would shut myself away in my room and read until supper, then go read some more after supper and then be told to shut my light off already and sleep at 1AM. I had two best friends and lived on an acreage, hours from any large city. You see where I’m going with this? And so, now my friends see me a little less, I read a little more and go to bed at a decent time. Is that so bad? Sometimes I feel guilty for turning down an invitation to go out, but 7:00AM shows up fast with a blaring alarm clock entrance and 8 hours of work is a long time to be groggy and tired for.

Maybe what I am getting at is I see the value in strong connections with people more than the collective inebriation with a mixture of close friends and random strangers in a bar? Perhaps the thought of staying out super-duper late makes the old woman inside of me cringe? But hey! The fat kid inside me cheers for the 2AM donair I would eventually eat. Donairs never taste so good as when you’re a wee bit tipsy and waltzing down the street with close friends.

What I THINK I am getting at with this post is that strong connections matter. The people who are there for you through thick and thin are reliable and don’t mind seeing you once every few weeks. They understand that sometimes sleep trumps going out. However, don’t let these connections shrivel up and die. The people who invite you out even after three declined invitations truly care and want to see your beautiful face! Which is why I still make the effort to have the odd coffee date with these people. Even if I show up in sweats and a tank top with a tired face to the hipster cafe’ that serves really good coconut lassi’s my friends don’t mind sitting next to me. True friendship right there!

So the point…hmmm…well I just hope someone finds a little humour and maybe is able to relate to what my brain decided was something profoundly blog-worthy. Let me know if this was just a pile of steaming rice noodles gone soggy. Not very appetizing but still edible if I am hungry enough!


Stay classy,



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