Living the Italian Life


Mike and I love going into little Italy and coming home with a huge haul! Honestly, out of all the places I would enjoy going to live, Italy is right up there. The food, the wine, the music, the culture! I mentioned the food right?

Our most enjoyed products of Italy are probably the deli meats and cheeses. You can never go wrong with a nice slice of gypsy salami or prosciutto paired with some parmesan or provolone. I consider the Italian lifestyle to be ideal. In every meal you have your meat, bread, dairy, fruit and vegetables. How can you go wrong?!

On this particular trip we pulled out all the stops.

My family knows how much we enjoy going to the Italian Center and Mike loves to try out a new salt, oil or vinegar every time we go. If there were an apocalypse we would still have really nice tasting canned beans to eat with all the flavours we’ve got in the condo to play with.

Anyways, my family gave us a giftcard to the Italian Center for Christmas, so we went wild. Deli meat (almost every kind they had), cheese, focaccia bread, grainy dijon mustard, smoked salt, apple/pear hybrids, cherry tomatoes, dill pickles, homemade pickled beets, pickled jalapeno peppers, smoked salmon (because it is awesome) and fresh basil. It was a rush!

We come home and Mike whips up this amazing charcuterie board and we chow down. Some of the items we already had like the beets, peppers and pickles but I wanted to list off everything just to be accurate.

We also added a balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil drizzle to the focaccia bread, a jar of prickly pear and chili sauce for dipping and a lemon basil sauce as well.

If you’re ever looking for a taste of Italy, make your way down to Little Italy and be ready for a unique experience. Not only is shopping in the area a great time but the culture and atmosphere are also nice to take in while there.

Stay classy,



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