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When Impatience Meets Resourcefulness



Basically, Mike made a gluten-free chocolate cake. The cake smelled great, looked great in the pan but he did not let it cool before knocking it out of the pan. Long story short, he improvised and salvaged our dessert. This dessert was made for the same friend who’s power went out and we invited over. Check out my post called ‘Bro, Do You Even Cook’ to see what our main course was!

What you see in the photo here is our dessert lined up and ready to serve. In each glass is (starting from bottom to top) a layer of ‘chocolate cake/brownie mistake’ – 2nd layer is vanilla bean ice cream and to top it off I whipped up a quick salted caramel sauce and drizzled it over top.

Thanks to Mike’s quick thinking dessert was saved!

Stay classy,



Bro, Do You Even Cook?


DSC_1067In the words of the Croods movie: Dah dah daaaaahhhh! To understand my reference check out the video here.

I invited a new friend and her man over for supper after their power went out. I am still amazed by how quickly Mike can pull together a quality dish in the span of a few hours. Yes, I am truly lucky to be dating a chef!

This is the beginning of our summer farmer’s market dishes and I am so happy to have fresh produce available every weekend.

Here’s the down low on what we ate:

– Lemongrass marinated grilled sword fish

– Bacon infused, three cheese baked scalloped potatoes

– Ranier cherry and blackberry ginger vinegar chutney

– Blanched & grilled asparagusand rainbow carrots with fresh herb paste picked right from our patio herb garden

The entire dish was served on our custom made cutting board and finished off with fresh picked microgreens

This meal took approximately 2 hours to create.

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Pizza, Pizza! Eat all About it!


This classic Italian thin crust pizza was hand rolled by my awesome man Mike! The dough is hand-pulled and baked off at a super high temperature making it super yummy and tasty. Mike says his secret to a great dough is he puts a ‘glob’ of honey in the dough. “I don’t measure sh**” was his response when I asked how much honey haha.

After the dough it is all about the sauce.

The sauce is made by slowly roasting tomatoes with basil and garlic. Blend all the ingredients together and simmer to perfection. Finish the sauce off with a bunch of fresh herbs and little more salt than you think you need. Your dough is not very salty and depending on the salt level of your cheese as well you need to compensate by adding more salt to enhance the flavour. If you have made a salty dough and are using a salty cheese such as a parmesan or pecorino (both hard cheese) the salt level will be fine without adding much more. For our pizza we used mozzarella and cheddar with a sprinkling of finely chopped fresh herbs on top.

As a final touch, drizzle a nice olive over the pizza when you bring it out of the oven. Some fresh tomatoes on top also will make your pizza even more tasty.

Stay classy,