Commercial Break Sandwich


I’ve been running Mike through a ton of photos lately–mainly because I’ve been slacking on the posting. His comment for this dish “It was just dinner, not something fancy you have to blog about.”


Well sir, I enjoy all the meals my man cooks and want to share his culinary prowess with the world! Plus, I know it makes some people say “yo baby! Why don’t you cook me all these fancy meals? hmmmm?” haha sorry significant others of the world. I’ve won the foodie lottery with Mike.


So from what I remember of this meal: We had homemade whole wheat bread with mozzarella and some herbs melted on top. Mike cooked up some pork with grainy dijon mustard and some garden fresh onions. The gravy is the pork juices cooked up with some flour. To top it off there are some frites added for crunch. There you have it! Hot meat sandwich. This dish was quick and easy to put together in half an hour tops.


Stay classy,




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