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Winter Warning


I’m not positive on how many people from Alberta read my blog but I feel today is the perfect time to put out a little warning mixed in with some opinion and life experience.

We are in the month of November and it’s snowing here. What? Wait! That white stuff falling from the sky? Yes, snow is all so pretty and pristine to look at, play in and stroll through. However, driving in a blizzard is not so much fun. Today is one of my little brothers’ birthday and it also happened to be the first day that winter took a big ol’ dump on a highway called the QE2. I woke up determined to make it to my little bro’s birthday party despite the snow. I ignored the gut feeling I had because I figured I have driven through worse being a country kid and all. Wrong. The small town highways I used to drive on did not have a multitude of heavy freight trucks, charter buses and a huge number of vehicles driving alongside me. And yet, I still thought I would be fine. Okay not completely wrong but I got scared straight pretty quickly. I’m fine, obviously because I’m writing this blog.

During my stubborn travels today I came upon an 8-car pile-up which according to the news was initially 16 vehicles and a short while after that I encountered a 5-car collision which later on the news reported as 12 vehicles. I wrote off the first one but as soon as I saw the second crash I knew it was a sign that I should go home. Sorry little bro. Needless to say I was pretty freaked out and just wanted to go home. I managed to persuade a police officer to let me through an overpass and head back the way I came. Apparently, there was a fatality amongst all the crashes today.

This here is my story of why you should stay off the roads during snowfalls like this. Nothing is worth risking your life. My brother understood and my parents, grandparents and boyfriend all were happy I made the smart choice to go home. If you think where you’re going can’t wait, it can. Whether it be a birthday, funeral or work trip the people waiting for you will understand being alive at the end of the day matters more. Stay safe everyone.

Stay classy,



Fall 2013 4-H Alberta Magazine

That’s right people! I work for the 4-H Alberta Magazine!

We publish four times a year on all the happenings of 4-H. This summer I had the chance to travel all over the province taking photos and interviewing some really cool 4-H clubs, members and leaders. I worked along a very talented lady by the name of Nathalie Batres. She’s currently in Spain for 9 months and loving it! I hope she eventually comes back haha

I am so proud to present the Fall 2013 issue of the magazine. We worked long and hard to make it happen along with our editor/supervisor Jalisa Barnett, to make it happen. Lots of extra hours in the office and driving out to programs were seen throughout the summer. It was sooooo worth it!

I believe, if my math skills are firing on all cylinders, that I have seven articles in the publication. Please feel free to correct me. This is the coolest career experience I have had yet! Albeit, I am only 21, but it is still pretty darn awesome!

So, take a read. Enjoy 🙂


Stay classy,