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Got My Meat and Taters!


DSC_1089 DSC_1101 Thank you Irvings Farm for making the Old English ‘Cumberland’ Sausage. With this great tasting sausage which contains NUTMEG! Mike put together a classic English dish known as Bangers and Mash. Pretty much you grab some potatoes, cook em’, mash em’ and thrown some butter and cream in there. Then cook up some all around awesome sausage bought from your local butcher. Rifle through your fridge for some veggies and once everything is cooked toss it on a plate and call it a day. Mike also added grainy dijon mustard and some parsley to the plate.

This is a great way to get rid of some leftover potatoes or vegetables.

Stay classy,



Berry Cherry


This dish was made quite awhile ago so I’m doing some guess work as to what is all on the plate. Wow it has been awhile since the last post! Time to get back on the foodie train because we’ve got an engagement party coming up and there will be tons of good eats!

Anyways, here we have charred swordfish on a bed of sauteed in butter and sugar cherries and some sweet saskatoons picked fresh for the dish. Garnishing the dish are some pickled lemon slices and microgreens.


Stay classy,



We Scream for Ice Cream


We Scream for Ice Cream

Everything is awesome!

If you have seen the Lego Movie you will know to sing that first sentence.

Anyways, we now have the ice cream make attachment for our kitchen aid mixer! It is awesome and we have made a ton of flavours already!

We have made: mint chocolate chip, vanilla bean, chunky strawberry and chocolate swirl! Ice cream for days!

Stay classy,


Salmon: The Versatile Unicorn of the Deep Blue


Salmon: The Versatile Unicorn of the Deep Blue

Farmer’s market season is upon us! To pay homage to the awesome food of farmer’s markets Mike made a kickass dish.

I consider salmon to be the unicorn of the deep blue because:

1. Magically, salmon does not stink and has a mild taste that is not overly fish.
2. You can pair a ton of different flavours with salmon due to the mild taste.
3. Caramelized maple salmon….its somewhat nutritious and delicious! Nuff said.

Follow me into the world of foodie heaven. It’s okay. We’ve got the unicorn of the deep blue here and it tastes delicious.

Here we go!

* Seared salmon from the Ocean Odyssey stand

* Medley of mushrooms from Mona Foods

*Rosemary & Garlic sausage from Irvings Farm Fresh

* Cherry tomatoes from Doef’s Greenhouse

* Homemade ricotta made by my multi-talented man Mike in his NAIT culinary class

* Fresh picked parsley from our home herb garden

This meal made happy food babies inside of us and we can’t wait for more produce to come in season so that we can experiment more!

Bring On the Brownies


I have to say these are probably THE MOST delicious brownies ever made. No joke. With our trusty recipe from the Chocolate Chocolate cookbook, Mike and I created magic with tempered chocolate and buttery goodness. Please enjoy drooling over this masterpiece of chocolate heaven. No one will judge you.

Stay classy,




So as Cirque du Soleil has become ever popular I have wanted to go! 

I was able to go to Cavalia and boy was that astounding! Absolutely b-e-a-utiful!

Now with Amaluna in Edmonton….there may come a day where my paycheque comes in and I splurge to buy a couple of tickets! 

Goodness, gracious I hope that maybe this year I finally see a cirque du soleil performance.