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Steakin’ Out the Competition


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Okay, so there is no competition but for anyone out there looking for the ultimate in indulgence when it comes to steaks–look no further!


Mike went all out with this meal and you can bet we were rubbing our food babies satisfaction at the end of dinner.


The best part hands down was the bacon hollandaise smothered all over those perfectly cooked pieces of grade A Alberta beef!


Another awesome addition was the eggplant salad courtesy made by Theo’s Greek Kouzina booth from the downtown farmer’s market.


Stay classy,





Got My Meat and Taters!


DSC_1089 DSC_1101┬áThank you Irvings Farm for making the Old English ‘Cumberland’ Sausage. With this great tasting sausage which contains NUTMEG! Mike put together a classic English dish known as Bangers and Mash. Pretty much you grab some potatoes, cook em’, mash em’ and thrown some butter and cream in there. Then cook up some all around awesome sausage bought from your local butcher. Rifle through your fridge for some veggies and once everything is cooked toss it on a plate and call it a day. Mike also added grainy dijon mustard and some parsley to the plate.

This is a great way to get rid of some leftover potatoes or vegetables.

Stay classy,


Chicken a la Awesome Vegetables


Hello there!

I do love a classic roasted chicken dinner with homemade gravy and homegrown vegetables. Reminds me of grandma’s house and living back on the acreage. *sigh* Now check out this ballin’ meal full of goodness! It had been awhile since I made Mike a good hearty meal so I pulled out all my years of learning from the women of my family to cook up a classy food baby.

I stuffed the chicken with onions, garlic and thyme then moved onto the skin. To make a delicious skin you need to separate it from the meat just enough so as to be able to put a garlic butter mix in between the layers. This creates a crispy skin and adds moisture during the cooking process. For some added colour and flavour I sprinkled a pepper, salt and dried rosemary mix on the outside.

I also made sure to spread out a good layer of vegetables in the pan. I used carrots, onions, brussel sprouts garlic and potatoes that had been tossed in pepper, salt and canola oil. Make sure there are enough vegetables to set the chicken down on. You want the bird to cook evenly and not have a burnt bottom by coming into contact with the pan itself.

After the chicken cook for awhile I took it out and made sure to get as much of the drippings as possible. Turned that into a gravy and voila! Instant awesome sauce to go with the chicken. I also grated some applewood smoked cheddar onto the potatoes for added awesome flavour. Inner fat kids rejoice! Enjoy the eye candy of this uber simple but classically yummy dish.


Stay classy,


A Pork Love Story




Once upon a time…on a fateful but enjoyable Sunday…pork met a myriad of delicious food to become the ultimate union of yummy eats!

May I present to you Mr.Smoked Pork and Mrs.Braised Cabbage along with their respective families of Potato Wedge and Sweet Carrot.

On this special day our groom was smoked for an hour and a half on the barbecue, filled with the aromatic smoke of mesquite wood chips after being brined overnight and sported a smashing dry rub of herb and juniper berry.

Our bride was stunning in a crabapple juice, red wine vinegar, honey, brown sugar, juniper berry gown and accessorized with pan-fried bacon, shallots, leeks and garlic to create the ultimate culinary experience.

The guests from the carrot clan were steamed and pan-fried in butter, honey and seasoned well.

The potato family was tossed in olive oil, rosemary, pepper, salt and baked in the oven then sprinkled with chili pecorino cheese. Obviously they were competing for good looks and taste over the carrots.

After hours of preparation, a couple of heated situations in need of some rest time and a quick trip from the flame to the plate, the ceremony went off without a hitch.

Today we shared our love of food with our new roomie Mary and her awesome man Rory. Thanks for doing the dishes!

Stay classy,


The Sunday Chronicles Continue


The Sunday Chronicles Continue

Of course our story starts at the downtown market at the Ocean Odyssey seafood vendor. After much deliberation we decide to buy a piece of fresh tuna and another piece of fresh salmon. Onto our lazy sunday of being not so lazy and way more creative. In all honesty Mike got creative and I did laundry. The joys of domestic adult life.

Back to much more exciting talk!

Please admire, drool over, crave and share with friends this picture of deliciousness.

This is the first of I believe a couple more dishes Mike decided to create today.

Random question time with Mike! Of course he doesn’t know I’m typing this up to make this post extra awesome and engaging. I’m always asking him questions anyways haha journalist in me never stops working.

Q: Do you find cooking calming?
A: I would say so, yes.

Q: Why do you like to cook at home so much?
A: I like to eat good food.

Q: Don’t you ever get tired of cooking?
A: *laughs at me* Sometimes its cereal and toast before bed. Sometimes its pasta and tomato sauce, but even then I chop up some shallots and fresh herbs.

“Nothing beats grilling a steak at two in the morning with beer in hand when everyone is sleeping.”

Q: What’s the one dish you couldn’t live without?
A: Pasta and bread. It warms ya up and fills ya up. It’s homey.

Q: Where’s the number one place you want to travel to experience food.
A: The French came up with a lot of cooking techniques and discoveries so that would be cool.

**Ironically Mike works at a steakhouse but has not cooked one steak dish at home yet! This will be rectified before summer has completely ended.**

Enough bugging the man when he’s making food! Back to the dish at hand…and in my tummy.

Pan-seared ahi tuna on beet greens with pickled beet strings and crispy fried fennel pieces with honey-drizzled multi-coloured carrots accented with basil oil and chili oil drops finished off with a healthy sprinkling of Black Cypress Flake sea salt.

Stay classy,


Farmer’s Market Haul


Farmer's Market Haul

Now to give a little bit more background on what we do at the Farmer’s Market i’ve got to say we go almost every Saturday and sometimes Sundays to another market for our weekly produce.

Saturdays are mainly devoted to the Downtown Edmonton market and sometimes the Strathcona market.

We have only gone on one Sunday to market after I discovered a French Market in the heart of the Edmonton Francophone community called La Cite’ Francophone over by Bonnie Doon Mall. It was a lot of fun with French music playing, a small bistro/cafe’ and an area to sit and enjoy the morning.

This picture is of our haul from one of our days going to the downtown market.

Here we have:

~concord grapes
~fresh garlic
~medley of wild mushrooms
~yellow watermelon
~yellow beets
~cherry tomatoes
~red plums
~yellow and green cauliflower
~zebra tomatoes

One of our best produce days yet!

Stay classy,