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Commercial Break Sandwich


I’ve been running Mike through a ton of photos lately–mainly because I’ve been slacking on the posting. His comment for this dish “It was just dinner, not something fancy you have to blog about.”


Well sir, I enjoy all the meals my man cooks and want to share his culinary prowess with the world! Plus, I know it makes some people say “yo baby! Why don’t you cook me all these fancy meals? hmmmm?” haha sorry significant others of the world. I’ve won the foodie lottery with Mike.


So from what I remember of this meal: We had homemade whole wheat bread with mozzarella and some herbs melted on top. Mike cooked up some pork with grainy dijon mustard and some garden fresh onions. The gravy is the pork juices cooked up with some flour. To top it off there are some frites added for crunch. There you have it! Hot meat sandwich. This dish was quick and easy to put together in half an hour tops.


Stay classy,




Bro, Do You Even Cook?


DSC_1067In the words of the Croods movie: Dah dah daaaaahhhh! To understand my reference check out the video here.

I invited a new friend and her man over for supper after their power went out. I am still amazed by how quickly Mike can pull together a quality dish in the span of a few hours. Yes, I am truly lucky to be dating a chef!

This is the beginning of our summer farmer’s market dishes and I am so happy to have fresh produce available every weekend.

Here’s the down low on what we ate:

– Lemongrass marinated grilled sword fish

– Bacon infused, three cheese baked scalloped potatoes

– Ranier cherry and blackberry ginger vinegar chutney

– Blanched & grilled asparagusand rainbow carrots with fresh herb paste picked right from our patio herb garden

The entire dish was served on our custom made cutting board and finished off with fresh picked microgreens

This meal took approximately 2 hours to create.

Stay classy,



Pizza, Pizza! Eat all About it!


This classic Italian thin crust pizza was hand rolled by my awesome man Mike! The dough is hand-pulled and baked off at a super high temperature making it super yummy and tasty. Mike says his secret to a great dough is he puts a ‘glob’ of honey in the dough. “I don’t measure sh**” was his response when I asked how much honey haha.

After the dough it is all about the sauce.

The sauce is made by slowly roasting tomatoes with basil and garlic. Blend all the ingredients together and simmer to perfection. Finish the sauce off with a bunch of fresh herbs and little more salt than you think you need. Your dough is not very salty and depending on the salt level of your cheese as well you need to compensate by adding more salt to enhance the flavour. If you have made a salty dough and are using a salty cheese such as a parmesan or pecorino (both hard cheese) the salt level will be fine without adding much more. For our pizza we used mozzarella and cheddar with a sprinkling of finely chopped fresh herbs on top.

As a final touch, drizzle a nice olive over the pizza when you bring it out of the oven. Some fresh tomatoes on top also will make your pizza even more tasty.

Stay classy,


Salmon: The Versatile Unicorn of the Deep Blue


Salmon: The Versatile Unicorn of the Deep Blue

Farmer’s market season is upon us! To pay homage to the awesome food of farmer’s markets Mike made a kickass dish.

I consider salmon to be the unicorn of the deep blue because:

1. Magically, salmon does not stink and has a mild taste that is not overly fish.
2. You can pair a ton of different flavours with salmon due to the mild taste.
3. Caramelized maple salmon….its somewhat nutritious and delicious! Nuff said.

Follow me into the world of foodie heaven. It’s okay. We’ve got the unicorn of the deep blue here and it tastes delicious.

Here we go!

* Seared salmon from the Ocean Odyssey stand

* Medley of mushrooms from Mona Foods

*Rosemary & Garlic sausage from Irvings Farm Fresh

* Cherry tomatoes from Doef’s Greenhouse

* Homemade ricotta made by my multi-talented man Mike in his NAIT culinary class

* Fresh picked parsley from our home herb garden

This meal made happy food babies inside of us and we can’t wait for more produce to come in season so that we can experiment more!

Chicken a la Awesome Vegetables


Hello there!

I do love a classic roasted chicken dinner with homemade gravy and homegrown vegetables. Reminds me of grandma’s house and living back on the acreage. *sigh* Now check out this ballin’ meal full of goodness! It had been awhile since I made Mike a good hearty meal so I pulled out all my years of learning from the women of my family to cook up a classy food baby.

I stuffed the chicken with onions, garlic and thyme then moved onto the skin. To make a delicious skin you need to separate it from the meat just enough so as to be able to put a garlic butter mix in between the layers. This creates a crispy skin and adds moisture during the cooking process. For some added colour and flavour I sprinkled a pepper, salt and dried rosemary mix on the outside.

I also made sure to spread out a good layer of vegetables in the pan. I used carrots, onions, brussel sprouts garlic and potatoes that had been tossed in pepper, salt and canola oil. Make sure there are enough vegetables to set the chicken down on. You want the bird to cook evenly and not have a burnt bottom by coming into contact with the pan itself.

After the chicken cook for awhile I took it out and made sure to get as much of the drippings as possible. Turned that into a gravy and voila! Instant awesome sauce to go with the chicken. I also grated some applewood smoked cheddar onto the potatoes for added awesome flavour. Inner fat kids rejoice! Enjoy the eye candy of this uber simple but classically yummy dish.


Stay classy,


Fill Me Up!


Following our obsession with super awesome Italian food, Mike made this delectable meal! We chowed down on manicotti pasta stuffed with cottage cheese and basil. The creation was then covered in a rockin’ meat sauce and fresh basil. Since this is quite the saucy meal we had some fresh focaccia bread on the side to mop up all the messy goodness.

Can you say foodgasm!

Stay classy,


That’s Amore!


To the Farmer’s Market We GO!


This past Saturday, Mike and I adventured to the Strathcona Farmer’s Market up by Whyte ave. Now to say we are kids in a candy store would be an understatement. Usually I’m the one holding back saying we shouldn’t spend a lot but holy cow this market was crazy!

One guy was running a cheese booth and there was this two-and-a-half year-old aged gouda called the Grizzly he had us try. I just handed him $20 and took the cheese. No convincing necessary! Boy oh boy did we have quite a lot of fun perusing up and down the market aisles. Mike and I like to go to a farmer’s market every saturday and this was the first time going together to this market. The photo you see below is most of what we bought at the market. I do admit I took awhile to take the photo and we’ve already dug into some of our goodies. We even made a pact to not eat the artisan chocolates we bought without each other. You try staring down a balsamic & strawberry chocolate delight and see if you don’t drool! Both of our inner fat kids would wreak havoc without anyone to watch.

Anyways, here’s the list of what we bought:

~flavoured honey sticks

~yellow, orange and red tomatoes (we always get these)

~gala apples (my all-time favourite! so obviously a staple in our house)

~artisan chocolates

~fancy mustard with flavours of tequila & line. good ol’ honey and sweet banana pepper

~pickerel fillets

~aged gouda cheese

~herb havarti cheese

~feta cheese

~pickerel fillets

~chicken sausage

~lemon & basil pesto

~sundried tomato olives

~homemade pasta

~regular white pitas

I think that’s it! Expect more food porn to dream about! I hope I tempted anyone who reads this to go check out the local farmer’s market in your area! I have not been disappointed thus far.


Stay classy.