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Chicken a la Awesome Vegetables


Hello there!

I do love a classic roasted chicken dinner with homemade gravy and homegrown vegetables. Reminds me of grandma’s house and living back on the acreage. *sigh* Now check out this ballin’ meal full of goodness! It had been awhile since I made Mike a good hearty meal so I pulled out all my years of learning from the women of my family to cook up a classy food baby.

I stuffed the chicken with onions, garlic and thyme then moved onto the skin. To make a delicious skin you need to separate it from the meat just enough so as to be able to put a garlic butter mix in between the layers. This creates a crispy skin and adds moisture during the cooking process. For some added colour and flavour I sprinkled a pepper, salt and dried rosemary mix on the outside.

I also made sure to spread out a good layer of vegetables in the pan. I used carrots, onions, brussel sprouts garlic and potatoes that had been tossed in pepper, salt and canola oil. Make sure there are enough vegetables to set the chicken down on. You want the bird to cook evenly and not have a burnt bottom by coming into contact with the pan itself.

After the chicken cook for awhile I took it out and made sure to get as much of the drippings as possible. Turned that into a gravy and voila! Instant awesome sauce to go with the chicken. I also grated some applewood smoked cheddar onto the potatoes for added awesome flavour. Inner fat kids rejoice! Enjoy the eye candy of this uber simple but classically yummy dish.


Stay classy,



Good Eats!


Good Eats!

The menu of an epic meal:

~Locally bought Halibut w/ a fresh blueberry & raspberry balsamic glaze.

~Pan-fried in duck fat sea beans & a mix of fresh mushrooms.

~BBQ baked scalloped potatoes featuring 3 cheeses bought from the farmers market.

~Beet greens salad w/ beets from my grandma’s garden, tomatoes & an oil/vinegar dressing!

Once again my man has created a magnificent combination for dinner! Friends ask me why I’m not fat yet. I wink and say take a wild guess. haha just kidding!

I stay in shape by also going to boxing for an hour, 2-3 times a week. Speaking of that…I gotta get back to the gym! It’s been a few months since I’ve gone. Medical annoyances and whatnot.

Taking a gander back to the food! After eating this delicious meal I was able to take some leftovers to work with me. The girls in the office went crazy over the scalloped potatoes! Anyone in their right mind would. I swear those caramelized bits of potato are an addiction waiting to happen. Don’t be surprised if you find me hermiting it up with a heaping plate of scalloped potatoes on my lap. Now you’ve all been warned!

P.S. In Advance: I have been informed my idea of plating food to then take a photo of apparently needs improvement (thanks babe lol) so from this point on I am making Mike plate all of his creations.

On an exciting side note: My always humorous and great cousin Jim, is visiting from Ireland right now! He and I had a lovely chat on the weekend and he will be attending the Olds, Alberta, Plough Match this Friday! Quite an exciting event in our neck of the woods.

To end this post on a funny yet a little morbid note let us reminisce on the words of ― Erma Bombeck who said, “Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the ‘Titanic’ who waved off the dessert cart.”

Stay classy,


The wonderful world of food


Alright, here we go!

I have the most fantastic man in the world. Now I could go on about the many aspects, characteristics, acts of being amazing that Mike does, but right now I want to talk about our mutual love of food.

We cook ALL the time! I thought it was hard without a dishwasher before when I was living on my own. Doing dishes quite often all by hand. Those days are nothing compared to the amount of dishes used by the both of us to make fantastic food creations. We have a dishwasher and boy does it get used but we still just have a perpetual cycle of dishes piling up. Just to clarify, I am not complaining. I will wash dishes until I have wrinkly old woman hands just to be able to eat everything Mike and I make. Okay, he cooks way more than I do but he’s super talented and just knows so much since his profession is being a cook.

I always make the joke that he’s making me fat. However, I’m still a sprightly young woman so yay for metabolism! I do have one confession. I have an inner fat kid. This kid shows up rather frequently and so I have dubbed this desire to consume delicious food, Stanley.

That was just a random fact. Onto more pressing information.

Since Mike and I create yummy dishes together I’ll be blogging about it! Tada!

So recently Mike made cabbage rolls, some kind of cabbage soup, braised duck with potato slices cooked in duck fat and a variety of delicious salads in the last few weeks. I have baked apple pie, tarts and espresso shortbread cookies. Oh and Mike made me THE MOST EPIC birthday cake which I will probably have to find a picture of just to show off to the world.

Expect me to post recipes and pictures on here and check out my instagram feed for instant updates on what we make.

Hooray for loving food together!

Stay classy,