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Farmer’s Market Haul


Farmer's Market Haul

Now to give a little bit more background on what we do at the Farmer’s Market i’ve got to say we go almost every Saturday and sometimes Sundays to another market for our weekly produce.

Saturdays are mainly devoted to the Downtown Edmonton market and sometimes the Strathcona market.

We have only gone on one Sunday to market after I discovered a French Market in the heart of the Edmonton Francophone community called La Cite’ Francophone over by Bonnie Doon Mall. It was a lot of fun with French music playing, a small bistro/cafe’ and an area to sit and enjoy the morning.

This picture is of our haul from one of our days going to the downtown market.

Here we have:

~concord grapes
~fresh garlic
~medley of wild mushrooms
~yellow watermelon
~yellow beets
~cherry tomatoes
~red plums
~yellow and green cauliflower
~zebra tomatoes

One of our best produce days yet!

Stay classy,



Weather we like it or not


Here in Alberta we have quite a short summer and a very long winter for the most part. So when the official first day of summer came and went the other day I was unimpressed. Why you may ask would I not be happy about the first day of summer?

Well Alberta has turned into mother nature’s perpetual PMS playground!

Just last week Edmonton, was in a state of anticipation as forecasts predicted severe thunderstorms and the chance of a tornado..or two..just to make everyone sit on the edge of their seat in fear. In my office. No one was allowed to leave until the warnings had been downgraded to a watch. In the space of a few hours we saw torrential downpours, hail and wicked fast winds whipping through the city. Some roads were closed due to flooding. Mostly in underpasses.

You know that saying “April showers bring May flowers?” Well obviously somebody missed the memo about this being JUNE.

Today, Calgary, is partly evacuated due to flooding of the downtown core. The Saddledome and Stampede grounds are underwater! Thankfully, most of my family and friends are not located downtown. Also, outlying areas like Canmore, High River and Bragg Creek are seeing the effects of flooding. Yesterday RCMP were asking for anyone with marine boats to help evacuate people. How the heck does this happen?!

Thankfully, Calgarians as well as people from across the province have volunteered to help in anyway they can. In crises such as these it is nice to see humanitarian efforts. With a state of emergency declared I hope everyone gets to safety.

Now on a side note July is coming up so mother nature had better get this weather under control. Summer will only be two months of sun if it ever shows up and stays more than a day.

For a live feed on what is going on check out this link to Calgary’s CTV news station. Right now Naheed Nenshi, mayor of Calgary is on-camera being interviewed.


Stay safe everyone,