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Duck Dynasty ain’t got nothin’ on this! (excuse the painful grammar)


Duck Dynasty ain't got nothin' on this!

Hello duck breast!

Cooked breast side down on medium heat in a nice glob of duck fat. Mike said scoring it first helps with the cooking process. Accompanying this fine piece of meat are herb marinated grilled vegetables (purple & green cauliflower, corn, potatoes). Everything on the plate is home grown goodness. Thanks to my grandparents for the plethora of potatoes we now have to cook with!

Duck courtesy of Green’s Eggs and Ham.

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Farmer’s Market Haul


Farmer's Market Haul

Now to give a little bit more background on what we do at the Farmer’s Market i’ve got to say we go almost every Saturday and sometimes Sundays to another market for our weekly produce.

Saturdays are mainly devoted to the Downtown Edmonton market and sometimes the Strathcona market.

We have only gone on one Sunday to market after I discovered a French Market in the heart of the Edmonton Francophone community called La Cite’ Francophone over by Bonnie Doon Mall. It was a lot of fun with French music playing, a small bistro/cafe’ and an area to sit and enjoy the morning.

This picture is of our haul from one of our days going to the downtown market.

Here we have:

~concord grapes
~fresh garlic
~medley of wild mushrooms
~yellow watermelon
~yellow beets
~cherry tomatoes
~red plums
~yellow and green cauliflower
~zebra tomatoes

One of our best produce days yet!

Stay classy,


The Finer Things In Life


The Finer Things In Life

Excuse me while I devour this dish…om nom nom nom! This salmon masterpiece is of course brought you by Mike.

Keeping up with tradition, we had yet another epic meal for Sunday dinner. Why do we do this? Well first off, we both do not work on Sunday. Secondly, we have the day to laze about and do whatever we want. Thirdly, because we’re just cool like that!

Here’s the breakdown: Grilled salmon with a grilled salsa consisting of peach, pineapple, tomato, lime and cilantro on a bed of farm fresh yellow and green zucchini.


Stay classy,


To the Farmer’s Market We GO!


This past Saturday, Mike and I adventured to the Strathcona Farmer’s Market up by Whyte ave. Now to say we are kids in a candy store would be an understatement. Usually I’m the one holding back saying we shouldn’t spend a lot but holy cow this market was crazy!

One guy was running a cheese booth and there was this two-and-a-half year-old aged gouda called the Grizzly he had us try. I just handed him $20 and took the cheese. No convincing necessary! Boy oh boy did we have quite a lot of fun perusing up and down the market aisles. Mike and I like to go to a farmer’s market every saturday and this was the first time going together to this market. The photo you see below is most of what we bought at the market. I do admit I took awhile to take the photo and we’ve already dug into some of our goodies. We even made a pact to not eat the artisan chocolates we bought without each other. You try staring down a balsamic & strawberry chocolate delight and see if you don’t drool! Both of our inner fat kids would wreak havoc without anyone to watch.

Anyways, here’s the list of what we bought:

~flavoured honey sticks

~yellow, orange and red tomatoes (we always get these)

~gala apples (my all-time favourite! so obviously a staple in our house)

~artisan chocolates

~fancy mustard with flavours of tequila & line. good ol’ honey and sweet banana pepper

~pickerel fillets

~aged gouda cheese

~herb havarti cheese

~feta cheese

~pickerel fillets

~chicken sausage

~lemon & basil pesto

~sundried tomato olives

~homemade pasta

~regular white pitas

I think that’s it! Expect more food porn to dream about! I hope I tempted anyone who reads this to go check out the local farmer’s market in your area! I have not been disappointed thus far.


Stay classy.



Black Garlic..Say What?!

Its sweet, savoury and DOES NOT give you bad breath!

Welcome to the world of Black Garlic!

Whilst on a gallivant to the local Farmer’s Market in downtown Edmonton, my boyfriend and I happened upon a man selling what I at first thought looked like rotten garlic. But wait! Who would sell rotten garlic. Investigate further and discover the process of garlic fermentation.

Lions, tigers and bears oh my!

Such an odd concept of deliciousness could only be found at a circus, a circus of local food goodness!

So now here’s the scoop: Black garlic is freaking tasty as heck! Forget anything you have experienced with fresh garlic. Bad breath, bitter taste, funky odour. I say nay! Black garlic is honestly like candy. The BEST part about it is the health benefits. This tiny powerhouse of flavour is actually right on up there with blueberries as one of the best natural antioxidants you can eat.

So the next time you’re out an about looking for a tasty treat that’s not so normal try black garlic. If you hate it…well you’re just weird haha and if you love it…you’re welcome!

For any local Edmontonians looking to visit the same vendor who carries black garlic at the downtown market, click on the title of my blog or look up Garlic Purity Plus.

Stay classy,