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Berry Cherry


This dish was made quite awhile ago so I’m doing some guess work as to what is all on the plate. Wow it has been awhile since the last post! Time to get back on the foodie train because we’ve got an engagement party coming up and there will be tons of good eats!

Anyways, here we have charred swordfish on a bed of sauteed in butter and sugar cherries and some sweet saskatoons picked fresh for the dish. Garnishing the dish are some pickled lemon slices and microgreens.


Stay classy,




Bro, Do You Even Cook?


DSC_1067In the words of the Croods movie: Dah dah daaaaahhhh! To understand my reference check out the video here.

I invited a new friend and her man over for supper after their power went out. I am still amazed by how quickly Mike can pull together a quality dish in the span of a few hours. Yes, I am truly lucky to be dating a chef!

This is the beginning of our summer farmer’s market dishes and I am so happy to have fresh produce available every weekend.

Here’s the down low on what we ate:

– Lemongrass marinated grilled sword fish

– Bacon infused, three cheese baked scalloped potatoes

– Ranier cherry and blackberry ginger vinegar chutney

– Blanched & grilled asparagusand rainbow carrots with fresh herb paste picked right from our patio herb garden

The entire dish was served on our custom made cutting board and finished off with fresh picked microgreens

This meal took approximately 2 hours to create.

Stay classy,