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Commercial Break Sandwich


I’ve been running Mike through a ton of photos lately–mainly because I’ve been slacking on the posting. His comment for this dish “It was just dinner, not something fancy you have to blog about.”


Well sir, I enjoy all the meals my man cooks and want to share his culinary prowess with the world! Plus, I know it makes some people say “yo baby! Why don’t you cook me all these fancy meals? hmmmm?” haha sorry significant others of the world. I’ve won the foodie lottery with Mike.


So from what I remember of this meal: We had homemade whole wheat bread with mozzarella and some herbs melted on top. Mike cooked up some pork with grainy dijon mustard and some garden fresh onions. The gravy is the pork juices cooked up with some flour. To top it off there are some frites added for crunch. There you have it! Hot meat sandwich. This dish was quick and easy to put together in half an hour tops.


Stay classy,




Good Wine, Great Friends


Mike and I decided it was high time we had ourselves a dinner party! So, we rounded up a few friends and cooked up a storm. There was wine, champagne, delicious food and a lot of laughs, oohs and ahhs as the food was prepared and presented. One of the wines brought by a friend was a red called Balthazar which was sublime!

Mike decided on a 5-course variable menu throughout the night.

First course: Appetizers

*Lightly seared tuna tacos with grated carrots, beet relish, basil and a mexican lime olive oil vinaigrette

*Caramelized onions on a homemade fresh baked baguette

*Panko breaded then deep-fried goat cheese and fig balls


Second course: Soup

*Roasted corn and bacon chowder


Third course: Salad

*House salad (mixed greens, grated carrot, sliced cherry tomatoes, candied almonds, applewood smoked cheddar)

*Butterleaf salad (avocado, cherry tomato)

Accompanying dressings were:

*Raspberry lime vinaigrette

*Honey-lemon basil vinaigrette


Fourth course: Mains & Sides


*Chili and herb marinated pork tenderloin

*Five-spice roasted whole chicken


*Green & Yellow beans, peas and carrots steamed with butter and brown sugar

*Potatoes au gratin (3-cheese Scalloped potatoes)

*Roasted garlic lemon and herb risotto


Fifth course: Dessert

*Warm chocolate chunk brownie with roasted pecans, drizzled with vanilla bean caramel sauce and finished off with a sprinkling of Himalayan pink sea salt

Believe it or not…this started off as a snack


Believe it or not...this started off as a snack

We had just bought some nice squash from the Farmer’s Market and Mike decided we needed to taste some.

A little back story on why this started off as a snack: We had spent the day out at my parent’s place and ate a big supper before heading back to the city. We were both feeling full but that squash just looked too good to pass up.

Mike roasted off half the squash in the oven and cubed up and froze the other half while holding back a few cubes to fry up. I had cooked off some chicken with various herbs for lunch meals during the work week. Cooking up a storm together in the kitchen led to yet another huge food baby. The end result being the photo featured here.

On this plate we have blanched then pan-fried cubes of acorn, butternut and spaghetti squash. The last of the garden’s tomatoes and roasted squash seeds along with a piece of rum and maple glazed chicken breast, topped off with a drizzle of olive oil and fresh herbs.

Stay classy,


A Pork Love Story




Once upon a time…on a fateful but enjoyable Sunday…pork met a myriad of delicious food to become the ultimate union of yummy eats!

May I present to you Mr.Smoked Pork and Mrs.Braised Cabbage along with their respective families of Potato Wedge and Sweet Carrot.

On this special day our groom was smoked for an hour and a half on the barbecue, filled with the aromatic smoke of mesquite wood chips after being brined overnight and sported a smashing dry rub of herb and juniper berry.

Our bride was stunning in a crabapple juice, red wine vinegar, honey, brown sugar, juniper berry gown and accessorized with pan-fried bacon, shallots, leeks and garlic to create the ultimate culinary experience.

The guests from the carrot clan were steamed and pan-fried in butter, honey and seasoned well.

The potato family was tossed in olive oil, rosemary, pepper, salt and baked in the oven then sprinkled with chili pecorino cheese. Obviously they were competing for good looks and taste over the carrots.

After hours of preparation, a couple of heated situations in need of some rest time and a quick trip from the flame to the plate, the ceremony went off without a hitch.

Today we shared our love of food with our new roomie Mary and her awesome man Rory. Thanks for doing the dishes!

Stay classy,