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Oh Duck, You So Fancy!









Check out this delish dish all created from farmer’s market finds! Duck leg on a bed of duck fat potatoes with braised tomatoes and a medley of mushrooms cooked in BUTTER! Topped the dish off with some cute flowers from our patio garden.


Mmmm duck!


Stay classy,




Salmon: The Versatile Unicorn of the Deep Blue


Salmon: The Versatile Unicorn of the Deep Blue

Farmer’s market season is upon us! To pay homage to the awesome food of farmer’s markets Mike made a kickass dish.

I consider salmon to be the unicorn of the deep blue because:

1. Magically, salmon does not stink and has a mild taste that is not overly fish.
2. You can pair a ton of different flavours with salmon due to the mild taste.
3. Caramelized maple salmon….its somewhat nutritious and delicious! Nuff said.

Follow me into the world of foodie heaven. It’s okay. We’ve got the unicorn of the deep blue here and it tastes delicious.

Here we go!

* Seared salmon from the Ocean Odyssey stand

* Medley of mushrooms from Mona Foods

*Rosemary & Garlic sausage from Irvings Farm Fresh

* Cherry tomatoes from Doef’s Greenhouse

* Homemade ricotta made by my multi-talented man Mike in his NAIT culinary class

* Fresh picked parsley from our home herb garden

This meal made happy food babies inside of us and we can’t wait for more produce to come in season so that we can experiment more!

Farmer’s Market Haul


Farmer's Market Haul

Now to give a little bit more background on what we do at the Farmer’s Market i’ve got to say we go almost every Saturday and sometimes Sundays to another market for our weekly produce.

Saturdays are mainly devoted to the Downtown Edmonton market and sometimes the Strathcona market.

We have only gone on one Sunday to market after I discovered a French Market in the heart of the Edmonton Francophone community called La Cite’ Francophone over by Bonnie Doon Mall. It was a lot of fun with French music playing, a small bistro/cafe’ and an area to sit and enjoy the morning.

This picture is of our haul from one of our days going to the downtown market.

Here we have:

~concord grapes
~fresh garlic
~medley of wild mushrooms
~yellow watermelon
~yellow beets
~cherry tomatoes
~red plums
~yellow and green cauliflower
~zebra tomatoes

One of our best produce days yet!

Stay classy,


The Finer Things In Life


The Finer Things In Life

Excuse me while I devour this dish…om nom nom nom! This salmon masterpiece is of course brought you by Mike.

Keeping up with tradition, we had yet another epic meal for Sunday dinner. Why do we do this? Well first off, we both do not work on Sunday. Secondly, we have the day to laze about and do whatever we want. Thirdly, because we’re just cool like that!

Here’s the breakdown: Grilled salmon with a grilled salsa consisting of peach, pineapple, tomato, lime and cilantro on a bed of farm fresh yellow and green zucchini.


Stay classy,