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Happy Days!


Happy Days!

I absolutely love sleeping in on the weekend. You wanna know what’s even better than sleeping in? Eating bacon!

My friends this is what dreams are made of. Or at least my dreams haha

Mike once again made a yummy meal for us to share in the morning. Perfectly cooked pancakes, bacon, fruit salad and caramelized peaches. Awww yeah!

Stay classy.



Farmer’s Market Haul


Farmer's Market Haul

Now to give a little bit more background on what we do at the Farmer’s Market i’ve got to say we go almost every Saturday and sometimes Sundays to another market for our weekly produce.

Saturdays are mainly devoted to the Downtown Edmonton market and sometimes the Strathcona market.

We have only gone on one Sunday to market after I discovered a French Market in the heart of the Edmonton Francophone community called La Cite’ Francophone over by Bonnie Doon Mall. It was a lot of fun with French music playing, a small bistro/cafe’ and an area to sit and enjoy the morning.

This picture is of our haul from one of our days going to the downtown market.

Here we have:

~concord grapes
~fresh garlic
~medley of wild mushrooms
~yellow watermelon
~yellow beets
~cherry tomatoes
~red plums
~yellow and green cauliflower
~zebra tomatoes

One of our best produce days yet!

Stay classy,